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United Training Expands Footprint with National Acquisitions and Merger with Focal Point Learning!

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Tiffany Teixidor
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United Training, a professional development and IT training company, has acquired the assets of 22 training businesses throughout the U.S. This substantial acquisition brings United Training business operations to a total of 48 campuses allowing organizations across the country to benefit from their modern, customizable training solutions.

United Training’s new, local presence in key national markets strengthens the strategic mission of United Training Academy, the arm of United Training that supports workforce development initiatives. Through community relationships, on-the-ground resources, apprenticeships, and career training programs, United Training Academy is now positioned to help alleviate the economic impact from the COVID pandemic which greatly shifted the workforce, emphasizing the need to reskill displaced workers.

In parallel with the acquisitions, United Training merged with Focal Point Learning, a Learning as a Service company that provides training companies with a cutting-edge platform and expert instructors ready to meet the training needs of all organizations. This merger will increase United Training’s ability to provide modern training solutions through virtual instructor-led delivery, self-paced on-demand classes, micro-learning, or blended hybrid learning solutions while offering one of the largest course catalogs in the country.

“Merging a business is more than increasing revenue or creating operational efficiencies, it is about finding shared values, cultures, vision, and purpose. When exploring a merger with United Training, we found that United Training ticked all these boxes. We are excited to build a world-class training organization that not only provides an exceptional training experience but is also a company that our employees are proud to be a part of.” said Tynan Fischer, Founder Focal Point Learning. Fischer will join United Training as the Vice President of Training and Technology.

“The rapid shift to remote work uncovered IT and technical skills gaps that increased the demand for immediate, accessible, and relevant training solutions. Virtual learning needs to meet the demands of the industry as well as drive student engagement. Merging with Focal Point Learning has positioned United Training as a nimble and agile training provider offering custom training options that can quickly meet and adapt to each customer’s unique needs.” said Jamie Fiely, President of United Training & Academy.

About United Training 

United Training unites customers with the training solutions they need, how they need them, at just the right time. United Training was founded by a team of industry experts who believe it is critical to developing innovative solutions to train professionals for the skills of the future. Their training and learning solutions are designed to help individuals and organizations gain the education they need to succeed. With over 100 expert instructors, United Training can quickly create a custom & professional curriculum on almost any topic imaginable. Please visit www.unitedtraining.com for more information and a complete list of markets where you can find our expert training solutions.

About United Training Academy 

United Training Academy provides short term-training, career readiness, and certification preparation designed to quickly get students prepared for the fastest growing industry skills needed for high-growth careers. Our objective is to provide career-specific training related to information technology, project management, and business administration in-demand fields. Our Career Consultants provide a personal development career plan. United Training Academy works closely with local Workforce offices, transitioning military service members and community partners to assist their prospective students with the latest technology training.

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