Work Relationships: Influence, Inclusion and Impact

 2 Days
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 VILT    Private Group

People have the unique ability to come together, specialize, organize, collaborate, delegate share experiences and learn. This instinctive drive to form teams may be our most effective evolutionary trait, allowing us to achieve continuous improvements in the face of change. The team knowledge and the wisdom and experience that we pass on has been exponentially enriched by technology. Our work relationships do more than allow us to achieve tasks, they allow us to innovate, grow and adapt to change. Change has never been so rapid or so vast as today. Our dynamic global economy is characterized by relentless change and an almost infinite and immediate access to information. Teams form and dissolve across languages, cultures, backgrounds, generations and disciplines. The ability to embrace this diversity and dynamicity will determine your ability to lead your teams to new successes and new opportunities.


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Who Should Attend

Individual Contributors, Supervisors, Managers, Directors

Course Objectives

  • Build workplace relationships based on mutual trust and respect
  • Collaborate effectively through influence and persuasion
  • Work with resistance to gain commitment and buy-in
  • Enhance interpersonal relationships
  • Apply techniques to move towards high-quality conversation
  • Influence others through sharing perspectives and opinions constructively
  • Use logic and emotion to persuade and collaborate
  • Identify ways of sharing thoughts and opinions constructively
  • Prepare for and conduct simple negotiations


1 - The Importance of Interpersonal Skills
2 - Elements of Influence Power and Persuasion
3 - A Network of Influence
4 - Influence Strategies
5 - Overcoming Resistance
6 - Verbal Communication Techniques
7 - Non-Verbal Communication
8 - The Art of Conversation
9 - Summary

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