Installing, Deploying and Configuring Cisco Emergency Responder (IDC-CER v11.5)

 2 Days
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In this class, students will Install, Configure, and Implement Cisco Emergency Responder (Cisco ER). Student will also integrate emergency communication system with Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Students will learn how Cisco ER automatically notifies and routes calls to the local public safety answering point (PSAP) operator. Students will configure emergency response locations (ERLs) and emergency location identification numbers (ELINs) in CER to properly route enhanced 911 (E911) calls. You will also examine CER disaster recovery and user management.


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Who Should Attend

  • Network Video Engineer
  • Voice/UC/Collaboration/Communications Engineer
  • Collaboration Tools Engineer
  • Collaboration Sales/Systems Engineer
  • Course Objectives

    • Install, Configure, and Implement Cisco Emergency Responder (Cisco ER).
    • IConfigure CUCM for CER
    • IConfigure Emergency Response Locations (ERLs)
    • IConfigure Emergency Location Identification Numbers (ELINs)
    • IConfigure PSAP calls and PSAP CallBack
    • IConfigure Users and onsite Security Management


    1 - Cisco Emergency Responder Overview
    • PSAP/ Emergency Calling Overview
    • National Emergency Number Association
    • Legislation and Regulation
    • Service Provider ALI
    • Automatic Number Identification (ANI)
    • Automatic Location Identification (ALI)
    • NENA Emergency Response Location
    • NENA Guidelines for ERLs
    • NENA Emergency Location Identification Number (ELIN)
    • E911 Preparation
    • Cisco Emergency Call Handler
    • Cisco Emergency Responder 11.x Enhancements
    • License Management
    • Emergency Responder Redundancy
    • Clustering CER over the WAN
    • Integration with UC Manager
    • Intrado Architecture
    • CER Wireless Features Overview
    2 - Installing Cisco Emergency Responder
    • Supported Hardware Platforms
    • CER Virtual Server Requirements
    • Deploy Cisco CER OVF/OVA
    • Installation of CER
    • CER CLI Interface
    • Reset Application Administrator Password
    • Add 2nd CER Server - Subscriber
    • Upgrade VMware Tools on Cisco Emergency Responder Server
    • CER Backup and Restore
    • CER PLM Licensing
    3 - Unified Communication Manager CER Configuration
    • Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administrator Interface
    • Cisco Unified Communications Manager Required Services for CER
    • CUCM SNMP Settings
    • Phone Partition and Calling Search Spaces
    • Partitions for 911 Services
    • CER CUCM Configuration for CTI Route Points and CTI Ports
    • Configure CER Route Patterns for 911 and Security Personal
    • Create Translation Patterns for ELINs
    • Create Emergency Responder Cisco Unified Communications Manager User
    • Location Awareness Overview
    • Configure Wireless Endpoint Tracking Feature on UCM 11.5
    4 - Cisco Emergency Responder (CER) Configuration
    • Emergency Responder Interface
    • E.164 Dial Plan Support
    • Cisco Emergency Responder Groups
    • Setup CER Groups
    • CER Telephony Settings for CER
    • Cisco CER License Manager
    • Cisco CER Email Settings
    • Cisco CER - Add Subscriber
    • Onsite Security Alerts for Security Personnel
    • Pager Alert Configuration
    • Configure Emergency Response Location (ERL)
    • Configure Emergency Location Identification Number (ELIN)
    • ERL Migration Tool
    • Configure SNMP
    • Configure Phone Tracking
    • Configure LAN Switch Tracking
    • Configuring IP Subnet-based ERLs
    • Configuring Manual Phone Tracking
    • Emergency Responder User Management
    • Manage Onsite Alerts, ERLs, and ALI Data
    • User and Security Logins
    • CER - Web Alerts
    • CER - ERL Audit Trail
    • Export PS-ALI Records
    • ERL Debug Tool


  • Basic Understanding of Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Basic Understanding of Cisco Gateways and Routers

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