Administering Cisco DNA Spaces (DNASPC)

 3 Days
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Cisco DNA Spaces helps resolve physical-space ‘blind spots’ in an organization. Through Cisco wireless infrastructure, organizations can gain insights into how people and things move throughout their physical spaces. Organizations can also drive operational efficiencies by monitoring the location, movement, and utilization of assets.


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Course Objectives

    In the first day of this course you will be introduced to the DNA Spaces solution. Use cases are then presented to provide additional insight into the solution’s applicability in your customer’s vertical market. A dedicated section to Covid-19 and considerations for getting ‘back to business’ will be provided. As this is a cloud-based solution, security considerations are then reviewed and the ramifications in your geographic region. Finally, DNA Spaces licensing is reviewed.

    The second and third days of the course are optional and will provide hands-on configuring and evaluating a DNA Spaces solution. You will obtain an account to access the DNA Spaces cloud, and will then perform network on-boarding. Subsequently, you will configure locations. Cisco DNA Spaces Apps will then be configured and reviewed. You will learn about Captive Portals and then configure one. You will learn the tools available to tailor your customer’s solution, including the use of the DNA Spaces API. Finally, you will configure a DNA Spaces solution for Covid-19 cases based on the components you have learned.
  • Explain the DNA Spaces solution and its benefits
  • Present multiple use cases based on industry vertical
  • Articulate the components and considerations for DNA spaces configuration in the context of Covid-19 ‘Back-to-Business’
  • Configure the DNA Spaces solution from cloud account creation through application configuration
  • Articulate the use of Captive portals and configure them
  • Describe Personas and Engagements and configure them
  • Identify the correct DNA Spaces App to be used for any given customer situation
  • Customize the DNA Spaces solution based on your customer’s requirements by: Programming the Cisco DNA Spaces SDK API, Leveraging hardware and software available in DNA Spaces Cisco Marketplace and Leveraging Apps available in the DNA Spaces App Center
  • Provide a complete DNA spaces solution for a phased Covid-19 ‘Back-to-Business’ scenario, including portal creation, real-time room density updates, notifications based on density changes and user profile


1 - DNA Spaces Solutions Overview
  • Introduction – What are ‘DNA Spaces’
  • Benefits of DNA Spaces
  • Architecture Overview
  • Deployment Models
  • Supported Wireless Devices
2 - Use Cases
  • Example Use Cases by Vertical
  • “Back-to-Business” – Observations, recommendations and applications specific to safe Covid-19 reopening
3 - Licensing
  • Procurement
  • Terms
4 - Customer Data Privacy – How Data is protected when using DNA Spaces Cloud
  • Data at Rest
  • Data in Transit
  • Data Security Law Compliance
5 - Configuration
  • Getting Started with DNA Spaces
  • Catalyst Connectors – Spaces, CMX, Cat 98K, WLC Direct
  • Meraki Connectors - Login, API Key
6 - Operations – DNA Spaces App Review and Analysis
  • Behavioral Monitoring Apps
  • Real-Time Analytics Apps
  • Captive Portals and Captive Portal Reports
  • Location Personas and Engagements
7 - Extending DNA Spaces – Enterprise Integration, Monitoring, and SDK
  • DNA Spaces Marketplace – devices and software tailored to vertical and use cases
  • DNA Spaces App Center – industry-specific apps leveraging location data via Firehose API
  • Spaces SDK - Integrate Advanced Location Accuracy into enterprise’s customer apps
  • DNA Spaces Advanced Gateway – enable management of BLE beacons and asset tags.
8 - “See Act Extend” - Putting it All together. Lab-based exercise


  • Basic knowledge of networking concepts
  • Basic knowledge of Wi-Fi concepts
  • Basic knowledge of computer security

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