Troubleshooting Splunk Enterprise (TSE)


2 Days


Delivery Methods
Virtual Instructor Led
Private Group

Course Overview

It covers topics and techniques for troubleshooting a standard Splunk distributed deployment using the tools available with Splunk Enterprise.

This lab-oriented class is designed to help you gain troubleshooting experience before attending more advanced courses. You will debug a distributed Splunk Enterprise environment using the live system. This course does not cover the issues surrounding Splunk Cloud, Splunk Clusters, or Splunk premium apps.

Course Objectives

  • Splunk Troubleshooting Methods and Tools
  • Indexing Problems
  • Input Configuration Problems
  • Deployment Problems
  • License, Upgrade, and User Management Problems
  • Search Management Problems
  • User Search Problems
  • Understand the Splunk Support Model and its resources
  • Identify the best practices for troubleshooting Splunk Enterprise
  • List ways to gather useful Splunk diagnostic information
  • Use Splunk diagnostic tools
  • Identify common Splunk technical issues and solve them
  • Who Should Attend?

    This course is designed for Splunk administrators.

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    1 - Splunk Troubleshooting Methods and Tools

    • Describe the Splunk Troubleshooting Approach
    • List Splunk Diagnostic Resources and Tools
    • Create and Splunk a Diag
    • Use RapidDiag

    2 - Indexing Problems

    • Discover Splunk Deployment Topology and its Server Roles
    • Identify Where to Check the Index-Time Pipeline Status
    • Use the metrics.log to Clarify the Index-Time Problem

    3 - Input Configuration Problems

    • Data Input Issues
    • Troubleshooting Inputs with the Monitoring Console

    4 - Input Configuration Problems

    • Deployment Server Issues
    • Forwarding and Receiving Issues

    5 - Indexer Cluster Management Administration

    • Peer Offline and Decommission
    • Master App Bundles
    • Indexer Cluster Storage Utilization Options
    • Site Mapping
    • Monitoring Console for Indexer Cluster Environment

    6 - License, Upgrade, and User Management Problems

    • Installation Issues
    • Upgrade Considerations
    • Splunk Licensing Issues
    • Splunk Roles and User Management Issues

    7 - Search Head Management Problems

    • Troubleshoot Distributed Search Issues
    • Identify Job Scheduling Problems
    • Learn to Diagnose Crashing Problems
    • Describe How to Prioritize Resources for Critical Splunk Processes

    8 - KV Store Collection and Lookup Management

    • Identify the Types of Search Problems
    • Isolate and Troubleshoot Search Problems

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    Dec 11, 12
    8:00 AM - 12:30 PM
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