Excel 2016 Managing and Delivering Workbooks

 One Hour
Delivery Methods

This course enables students to navigate within the Excel file, while also discussing organizational aspects within a workbook. The class includes proofing tools and options to consider in producing a polished, final product. Students will learn how to view the file various ways, including information on arrangement options and printing.


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Who Should Attend

Moderate exposure to Excel is recommended. The course is designed for students who know how to create worksheets and seek information regarding steps to consider once a file is complete.

Course Objectives

    The objective of the course is to give students the tools necessary to manage the workbook and go over the file, using the outlined tools to refine work. Furthermore, the material includes detail regarding print settings to ensure that the file printed is as desired.


1 - Lessons
  • Using Find, Replace, and Go To - Learn to locate and replace data within the spreadsheet.
  • Proofing a Worksheet - Learn to use spelling tools.
  • Previewing a Workbook - Learn to preview the file, as well as consider print settings.
  • Preparing a Workbook for Printing - Learn to evaluate the print preview and add header/footer.
  • Managing Worksheets - Learn to insert, reposition, and delete spreadsheets.
  • Manage Workbook and Worksheet Views - Learn to freeze panes and split the worksheet.
  • Managing Workbook Properties - Learn to modify the properties of the file.