Excel 2019 New Features

 One Hour
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This course discusses the new features and tools within Excel 2019. Users will learn about the new chart types, precision selecting, new functions, automatic time grouping in PivotTables, new productivity enhancements, new graphic enhancements, and improvements with Power Query.


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Who Should Attend

Moderate exposure is recommended for this course. This course is designed for a user familiar with a previous version of Office, who is curious about the new features in the 2019 version. Some terminology and experience is suggested.

Course Objectives

    The objective of the course is for students to learn the new features in Excel 2019. The material will cover specific tools and components that are not available in the earlier versions of the application.


1 - Lessons
  • New in Excel 2019 - Learn more about the new features of Excel 2019.
  • Using New Charts - Learn to use funnel charts and map charts.
  • Using Precision Selecting - Learn to use the control key for more precise cell selections.
  • Exploring New Functions - Learn about new functions, such as CONCAT, TEXTJOIN, IFS, MAXIFS, MINIFS, and SWITCH.
  • Using Automatic Time Grouping in PivotTables - Learn to group time-related fields automatically in PivotTables.
  • Using the New Help Ribbon - Learn to get additional support and training from a new location.
  • Working with Productivity Enhancements - Learn to use the Microsoft Translator and Accessibility Checker.
  • Using Graphic Enhancements - Learn about drawing and inking tools, icons, and 3D models.
  • Sharing a Document in Excel 2019 - Learn to share documents for co-authoring.
  • Improvements in the Get and Transform (Power Query) - Learn about improved transformations, the new queries and connection panes, and the power query editor.
  • Connecting to SAP HANA Databases - Get Excel data from SAP HANA databases.