Outlook 2019 Automating Outlook - Let Outlook Work for You

 One Hour
Delivery Methods

This course enables students to use the automation features within Outlook. Students will learn to use these tools to make processes faster and more efficient. The features discussed include topics regarding email templates, productivity enhancements, automatic replies, recalling a sent message, signatures, working with Quick Steps, and creating rules.


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Who Should Attend

Advanced exposure is recommended for this course. The tools discussed require thorough knowledge of Outlook and its tools. The course is designed for students who are familiar with sending, receiving messages, and want to automate many of these facets.

Course Objectives

    The purpose of the course is to provide students with computerized methods for composing and sending messages. Students taking the course will become familiar with usage of rules and steps, to minimize manual steps taken for completing emails.


1 - Lessons
  • * Working with Email Templates - Learn to use and create templates to shorten time spent on format and design.
  • * Replying with Features - Learn to respond to meetings, IMs, and forward as attachments.
  • * Productivity Enhancements - Learn to use the Read Aloud feature and Microsoft Translator.
  • * Setting up Automatic Replies - Learn to automate a reply when absent.
  • * Resending or Recalling a Message - Learn to send a message again, as well as rescind a previously sent email message.
  • * Working with Signatures - Learn to create a signature with contact information.
  • * Automating Outlook with Quick Steps - Learn to use Quick Steps to automate tasks.
  • * Utilizing Quick Parts - Learn to use Quick Parts to automate text.
  • * Creating and Managing Rules and Alerts - Learn to create rules to automate actions taken.
  • * Using Conditional Formatting - Learn to use conditional formatting as a filter tool.
  • * Advanced Searching - Learn search tools that allow for specific conditions and parameters.