Outlook 2019 Manage Your Mailbox Like a Pro

 One Hour
Delivery Methods

This course discusses options for mailbox management. Students will learn about assistive tools, such as: categories, flags, sorting, and filtering. Other topics discussed, will include folder usage and modification, as well as print options.


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Who Should Attend

Beginner-Moderate exposure is recommended for this course. The tools discussed require little experience working with Outlook. Students will learn details regarding features to help systematize mailboxes.

Course Objectives

    The overall purpose of the course is to encourage active management and organization techniques while using Outlook. Students will become more confident and methodical when working in Outlook.


1 - Lessons
  • * Viewing and Reading Emails - Learn to read an email through different views and use the Read Aloud Feature.
  • * Working with Attachments - Lean to open and remove attached files.
  • * Working with Color Categories and Flags - Learn to categorize and flag important messages.
  • * Sorting and Filtering Emails - Learn how to change the order in which emails appear, as well as filter email messages.
  • * Searching and Finding Emails - Learn to use Quick Search and modify the search location.
  • * Organizing Emails with Folders - Learn how to create, move, and delete email folders.
  • * Printing Emails and Attachments - Learn how to print messages and attached files.
  • * Deleting Emails - Learn how to delete emails and recover deleted items.