PowerPoint 2016 Building Your First Presentation

 One Hour
Delivery Methods

This course provides the fundamental tools needed to build a PowerPoint presentation and navigate the application. Users will become familiar with terminology, slide elements, and visual tools.


Upcoming Class Dates and Times

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Who Should Attend

Beginner exposure is recommended for this course. The course is designed for a student who has worked minimally in PowerPoint. The purpose of the class is to show users the beginning steps when designing a presentation.

Course Objectives

    The course objective is to teach students how to navigate and create a PowerPoint slideshow. This involves: exploring the interface, creating a presentation, and modifying that file.


1 - Lessons
  • Understanding the User Interface - Learn to navigate the program.
  • Elements of a Slide Layout -Learn about placeholders.
  • Working with PowerPoint Presentations - Learn to create and save a presentation.
  • Using the Design Themes - Learn to use themes for visual appeal.
  • Creating Slides - Learn how to create slides and add text.
  • Working with Placeholders - Learn how to use placeholders to resize and rotate items.
  • Organizing Content with Slide Layouts - Learn about the different types of layouts offered.
  • Working with Slides in Other Views - Learn to use the slide sorter and outline views.