PowerPoint 2016 Using Slide Masters and Building Templates

 One Hour
Delivery Methods

This course gives an introduction to slide masters and templates, tools that allow users to reuse formatting and layouts. Students will learn how to create and save designs that they can use within a slide show or even across multiple presentations.


Upcoming Class Dates and Times

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Who Should Attend

Moderate experience with PowerPoint is recommended. In order to work with formatting templates, it is helpful for students to understand formatting at a more basic level first, so this course may not be suitable for beginners. This course is especially recommended to users who need consistent branding in all their presentations.

Course Objectives

    The goal of this course is to help students create uniform PowerPoint slides very efficiently. By the end of this course, you will be able to save designs and easily access them from anywhere to make sure your presentations are consistent and professional.


1 - Lessons
  • Working with PowerPoint Masters - Learn how to modify slide masters, and work with headers and footers.
  • Customizing Layout Masters - Learn how to create and modify layout masters.
  • Working with Custom Themes and Templates - Learn how to create themes and PowerPoint templates.
  • Working with Notes and Handout Masters - Learn about customizing and printing notes or handouts.