SharePoint 2016 (Classic) Working with Libraries for the Site User

 One Hour
Delivery Methods

This course gives an overview of the different ways to create, edit, and customize Document Libraries in a SharePoint site so that organizations can access files and resources easily. Classic vs. Modern: When viewing your company’s SharePoint sites, you will see it in one of two layouts—Classic or Modern—depending on the site default. The skills are transferable in either view, but you may prefer to attend the course which maps to your company’s settings. SharePoint 2016 (Classic) Working with Libraries for the Site User maps to SharePoint 2013 Working with Libraries for the Site User


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Who Should Attend

This course is for SharePoint site users who work with Document Libraries and would like to be able to customize them beyond sorting and filtering. It is recommended that students take some time to get familiar with the application and document libraries before taking this course.

Course Objectives

    Upon completion of this courses, students will be able to organize files in a Document Library, adjust and create different view settings, and set alerts on documents and Document Libraries. You will also be able to check documents in and out, and view and restore previous versions of current documents.


1 - Lessons
  • Working with the User Interface Tools - Learn how to access the Ribbon, library controls, and the Open Menu.
  • Organizing Files in a Document Library - Learn to sort and filter library items, rename files, create folders, and move files into a folder.
  • Working in Different Views - Learn to access library views, create a view to display only your documents, work in Explorer View, and copy files to another library using Explorer View.
  • Setting Alerts - Learn to create Alerts for documents and libraries.
  • Using Check Out and Check In - Learn to manually chick out/in files, edit and check out documents using prompts, discard check-outs, and check in documents from Office applications.
  • Understanding Versions - Learn to use Major and Minor versioning, view and compare prior versions in Word, and restore or delete prior versions of documents.