Video Conferencing Etiquette

 One Hour
Delivery Methods

This course teaches students the fundamentals of video conferencing. Students will learn about effective virtual meetings with one co-worker, or multiple participants. This course provides the guidelines for setting an agenda, monitoring your environment, and working with the technology.


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Who Should Attend

Beginner-Moderate exposure is recommended for this course. The topics covered are cumulative in nature, and they require minimal understanding of email applications and composition.

Course Objectives

    The objective of the course is to give students the information needed to create agendas, set a standard for conducting virtual meetings, and using virtual meeting technology. Students will learn how to create, host and deliver a virtual meeting. The will learn proper meeting etiquette, setting the tone and how to conclude a meeting.


1 - Lessons
  • Overview of Video Conferencing Etiquette: Setting up a meeting in real time with team members from different locations
  • Preparing to Host a Virtual Meeting: Setting a professional scene and becoming familiar with the software
  • Scheduling a Meeting: Determine the need and specific purpose for a virtual meeting, include an agenda.
  • Showing Up for Show Time: The importance of timeliness, preparation and setting the tone. How to handle technical difficulties and questions during the meeting.
  • Online Meeting Etiquette for Participants: Become familiar with the interface, test sound and microphone levels, avoid distractions and how to participate
  • Concluding a Meeting: Review action items and followup with meeting notes.