Excel 365 VBA - Expert

5 Hours, 5 Minutes
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This course will teach students proper Visual Basic programming techniques along with an understanding of Excel's object structure. Students will learn how to work with variables, how to use various conditional logic statements such as If and Else, and how to work with string functions. Students will also learn how to work with various loops such as next loops and each loops, as well as how to create user forms. Finally, students will get an in-depth understanding of the debugging tools available and how to effectively debug their code.


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Excel 365 VBA - Expert
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Course Objectives

    Introduction , Getting Started with VBA , Working with Variables , Working with Conditional Logic , Working with Strings and String Functions , Working with Loops , Working with Sub Procedures Options and Functions , Working with User Forms , Debugging your Code , Conclusion


1 - Introduction
  • Introduction
2 - Getting Started with VBA
  • Adding the Developer Toolbar
  • Understanding the VBA Editor
  • Recording a Macro in Personal
  • Understanding the Elements of the VBA Language
  • Understanding Methods
  • Understanding Comments
  • Working with the Range Property and Worksheet Object
  • Adding a Macro Button to a Spreadsheet
  • Working with the ActiveCell Object
  • Working with the Offset Property
3 - Working with Variables
  • Understanding Variables
  • Working with Integer Variables
  • Understanding Option Explicit
  • Working with Other Variable Types
4 - Working with Conditional Logic
  • Working with IF Statements
  • Working with ELSE
  • Working with ELSEIF
  • Understanding Conditional Operators
  • Working with NOT, AND, and OR
  • Working with Nested IF
  • Working with Select Case
  • Working with WITH and End WITH
5 - Working with Strings and String Functions
  • Working with Text Strings
  • Working with LCASE and UCASE Functions
  • Working with LEN and TRIM Functions
  • Working with LEFT, RIGHT, and MID Functions
6 - Working with Loops
  • Understanding Loops
  • Working with For Next Loops
  • Working with For Each Loops
  • Working with Cells Property
  • Working with Do Until Loops
  • Working with Do While Loops
7 - Working with Sub Procedures Options and Functions
  • Calling Sub Procedures
  • Working with Exit Sub
  • Working with Message Boxes
  • Working with Input Boxes
  • Working with VBA Functions
  • Working with Object Variable and Set
8 - Working with User Forms
  • Understanding and Creating a User Form
  • Adding Controls to a User Form
  • Adding Code for a User Form
  • Launching a User Form from Excel
9 - Debugging your Code
  • Getting Started with Debugging
  • Stepping Through Your Code
  • Working with Breakpoints
  • Working with the Immediate Window
  • Working with the Locals Window
  • Working with the Err Object
10 - Conclusion
  • Course Recap