Gmail - A Complete Guide - Beginner

2 Hours, 20 Minutes
Delivery Method
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This course will provide a quick overview of email communication and etiquette and give a comprehensive description of Gmail as a platform. We will discuss navigation of the Gmail User Interface (UI) as well as the basics of email composition and inbox management. We will also discuss the general flow of email communication, from creating and formatting a good message to the different ways in which we can respond to a message. Finally, we will review the topic of integration in the G Suite and examine how Gmail connects to additional applications including Google Contacts, Tasks, Calendar, and Keep.


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Gmail - A Complete Guide - Beginner
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Course Objectives

    Introduction , Introduction to Gmail , Creating, Formatting, and Sending Emails , Organizing your Mail , Managing Contacts for Gmail , Gmail Integration Tasks, Calendar, and Keep , General and Advanced Setting in Gmail , Conclusion


1 - Introduction
  • Introduction
2 - Introduction to Gmail
  • What is Gmail?
  • How to Build a Great Message
  • A Brief Tour of Gmail
3 - Creating, Formatting, and Sending Emails
  • Creating a Message
  • Formatting a Message
  • Responding to a Message
  • Attaching Files to a Message
  • Overview of Email Proofreading
4 - Organizing your Mail
  • Marking a Message
  • Using Labels in Gmail
  • Categories and Labels in Gmail
  • Filtering a Message
  • Handling Spam
  • Archiving and Snoozing an Email
5 - Managing Contacts for Gmail
  • Accessing and Creating Contacts
  • Sorting and Merging Contacts
  • Deleting Contacts and Contact Labels
  • Importing and Exporting Contacts
6 - Gmail Integration Tasks, Calendar, and Keep
  • What is Integration?
  • Integrating Google Tasks
  • Integrating Google Calendar
  • Integrating Google Keep
7 - General and Advanced Setting in Gmail
  • Using Settings: Configuring the Inbox
  • Using Settings: General
  • Using Settings: Labels
  • Using Settings: Inbox
  • Using Settings: Accounts
  • Using Settings: Filters and Blocked Addresses
  • Using Setting: Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  • Using Settings: Add-Ons
  • Using Settings: Chat, Offline, and Themes
  • Using Settings: Advanced
  • Advanced Settings: Multiple Inboxes and Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
8 - Conclusion
  • Course Recap