Manager's Role in Developing Talent - Beginner

43 Minutes
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This program is part of the New Management Fundamentals Series. The overall goal of this program is to enable managers to learn a practical approach to developing the talent around them -- with an emphasis on their direct reports. We believe that a fundamental responsibility of managers is to enable employees to reach their full potential at work while ensuring the organization achieves meaningful results. Our talent development process is designed to create a productive work environment that is conducive to personal growth and is grounded in a developmental partnership between a manager and her/his people. This program contains concepts, models, tools, templates and skill building that reflect the current reality managers are facing -- dynamic, fast moving, complex, team-based, and cross-functional. Learners will  complete a series of exercises that will help them put their learning into practice as well as identify future opportunities for their own continued development.


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Manager's Role in Developing Talent - Beginner
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Course Objectives

    Developing Talent


1 - Introduction
  • Introduction
2 - Developing Talent
  • Excellence Through Talent Development
  • Development Process
  • IDP as a Collaborative Roadmap
  • Call It Coaching If You Want
3 - Conclusion
  • Course Recap