PowerPoint 2013 - Advanced

4 Hours, 12 Minutes
Delivery Method
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In this course, students will learn the various collaboration tools in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, work with Slide Masters, custom themes, and templates, work with animations and transitions, use advanced graphic features, work with advanced presentation features, and review advanced slideshow options.


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PowerPoint 2013 - Advanced
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Course Objectives

    Collaborating in PowerPoint, Working with Slide Masters and Templates, Working with Animation and Transitions, Using Advanced Audio and Graphic Features, Working with Advanced Presentation Features, Advanced Slideshow Options


1 - Introduction
  • Introduction
2 - Collaborating in PowerPoint
  • Reusing Slides
  • Creating Slides from a Word Outline
  • Using Excel Data in PowerPoint
  • Copying and Pasting Unlinked Excel Data
  • Using Paste Special to Copy Linked Data into PowerPoint
  • Embedding an Excel Worksheet into a PowerPoint Slide
  • Using Comments
  • Comparing and Merging Presentations
3 - Working with Slide Masters and Templates
  • Understanding the Slide Master
  • Editing Master Title and Text Styles
  • Changing the Default Bullet Style
  • Adding an Image to the Slide Master
  • Making Changes to Layout Master
  • Creating a New Master Layout
  • Creating a New Layout Master by Copying
  • Adding Footers to Slides
  • Customizing a Theme
  • Creating a Template
  • Modifying a Notes Master
  • Modifying a Handout Master
  • Using Multiple Slide Masters
4 - Working with Animation and Transitions
  • Animation Overview
  • Adding Entrance Animation
  • Adding Exit Animation
  • Applying an Emphasis Effect
  • Applying Multiple Animation Effects
  • Customizing Animation Effects
  • Customizing Animation Effects in a Bulleted List
  • Creating a Motion Path
  • Configuring Animation Timing Options
  • Creating an Animation Trigger
  • Animation Pane Overview
  • Using the Animation Pane for Timing
  • Changing or Removing Animation Effects
  • Naming Objects in the Selection Pane
  • Copying Animation Effects
  • Animating a Chart by Category or Series
  • Animating SmartArt
  • Transition Overview
  • Customizing Transitions
5 - Using Advanced Audio and Graphic Features
  • SmartArt Overview
  • Creating SmartArt with Existing Content
  • Formatting SmartArt Graphics
  • Using Audio
  • Configuring Audio Playback Options
  • Inserting Recorded Audio
  • Using Video
  • Configuring Video Options
6 - Working with Advanced Presentation Features
  • Using Hyperlinks
  • Using Action Buttons
  • Customizing Action Buttons
  • Adding an Action Button to the Slide Master
  • Creating a Custom Slideshow
  • Creating and Working with Sections
7 - Advanced Slideshow Options
  • Adding Annotations to Slides
  • Working with Hidden Slides
  • Rehearsing Slide Timings
  • Recording Timings
  • Creating a Video from PowerPoint
  • Packaging a Presentation
  • Creating Presentation Handouts in a Word Document
8 - Conclusion
  • Course Recap