Project 365 - Beginner

2 Hours, 34 Minutes
Delivery Method
LearnNow On Demand

This course covers the basic functions and features of Project 365. Students will learn how to create, and enter task information into Project plans. They will learn how to manage project resources and assign them to tasks. They will also create custom project elements such as calendars, tables and views that can be used to monitor and manage important project information.


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Project 365 - Beginner
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Course Objectives

    Introduction , Introduction to Microsoft Project , Working with Tasks , Working with Project Resources , Preparing a Project Plan for Finalization , Conclusion


1 - Introduction
  • Introduction
2 - Introduction to Microsoft Project
  • Overview of Microsoft Project
  • The Microsoft Project Ribbon
  • Working with Task Views
  • Working with Resource Views
  • Working with More Views
  • Working with Tables
  • Creating a New Project Plan
  • Configuring the Project Information Window
  • Using the Manual and Auto Schedule Task Tool
  • Updating Project Plan Properties
  • Creating a New Project Calendar
  • Customizing a Project Calendar
  • Applying a Custom Calendar to the Project
3 - Working with Tasks
  • Creating New Tasks
  • Importing Tasks from Excel
  • Syncing Tasks with SharePoint
  • Importing Outlook Tasks
  • Creating a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Task Dependencies Overview
  • Linking Tasks
  • Using Lag and Lead Time
  • Working with Task Constraints
  • Working with Task Deadlines
  • Creating Task Notes
  • Adding Tasks to the Timeline
4 - Working with Project Resources
  • Resource Overview
  • Creating Resources
  • Importing Resource Information
  • Connecting to a Resource Pool
  • Working with Resource Calendars
  • Assigning Resources to Tasks
  • Managing Resource Over Allocations
5 - Preparing a Project Plan for Finalization
  • Setting a Project Baseline
  • Managing Gantt Chart Elements
  • Formatting Gantt Chart Bars
  • Sharing a Project Plan
6 - Conclusion
  • Course Recap