Windows 7 New Features - Intermediate

1 Hours, 29 Minutes
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This course introduces you to the major new features and enhancements in Windows 7, many of which will save you time and improve your efficiency. You will learn how to understand the new desktop and how to customize it, use Gadgets, pin items to Start and the Taskbar, manage multiple windows in new ways, and some great keyboard shortcuts. The course also helps you to understand changes to file management, placing emphasis on the new Document Library system and improvements in searching.


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Windows 7 New Features - Intermediate
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Course Objectives

    The New Desktop , Customizing the Desktop , File Management , Managing Devices , Keyboard Shortcuts , Conclusion , Introduction


1 - Introduction
  • Introduction
2 - The New Desktop
  • Viewing the Start Menu
  • Using the Taskbar
  • Hiding and Arranging Windows
  • Navigating with the Keyboard
3 - Customizing the Desktop
  • Pinning Applications to the Start Menu
  • Modifying the Shut Down Button
  • Customizing the Taskbar
  • Modifying the Notification Area
  • Modifying the Desktop Background
  • Using Gadgets
4 - File Management
  • Using Windows Explorer
  • Understanding Libraries
  • Adding Locations to a Library
  • Searching for Documents
5 - Managing Devices
  • Accessing Devices and Printers
  • Adding a Printer or Other Device
  • Using the Device Manager
  • Using ReadyBoost
6 - Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Accessing the Alternative Context Menu in the Taskbar
  • Previewing Applications
  • Modifying Windows
  • Accessing Laptop Settings
  • Reviewing Old Shortcuts
7 - Conclusion
  • Conclusion