Using Zoom as a Host

1 Hours, 32 Minutes
Delivery Method
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Using Zoom as a Presenter is designed to teach students how to use the functions available to them as the Host of a Zoom meeting. Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service that allows teams to virtually meet and collaborate across multiple devices. It provides both audio and video calling, content sharing, live chat, and several other features that allow meeting participants to easily communicate and share information in a variety of ways. This course will provide a comprehensive overview of the Host experience using Zoom, including creating meetings, both through the desktop app and on the Zoom website, as well as working with views and navigating the Zoom interface. It will also cover how to manage participants, utilize meeting chat, share content, and use additional features to optimize the host experience. Finally, this course will address how to use breakout rooms and adjust meeting settings to further customize the meeting setup as desired.


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Using Zoom as a Host
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Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to Learn how to host a Zoom call/conference/meeting like a Professional.

Course Objectives

    Creating Meetings in the Zoom Desktop App, Creating Meetings on the Zoom Website, Getting Started with Zoom, Managing Participants, Utilizing Polls, Using Meeting Chat, Sharing Content in a Meeting, Additional Features, Utilizing Breakout Rooms, Working with Settings


1 - Creating Meetings in the Zoom Desktop App
2 - Creating Meetings on the Zoom Website
3 - Getting Started with Zoom
4 - Managing Participants
5 - Utilizing Polls
6 - Using Meeting Chat
7 - Sharing Content in a Meeting
8 - Additional Features
9 - Utilizing Breakout Rooms
10 - Working with Settings