Microsoft 365 Power BI Beginner

2 Hours, 8 Minutes
Delivery Method
LearnNow On Demand

This course begins the Power BI Desktop journey with an introduction to self-service business intelligence.  The basics are addressed by connecting to data and preparing it for formal analysis.  Considering what makes a good visual comes next followed by a number of visuals.  Finally a dashboard is created in the Power BI Service with interactivity.


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Microsoft 365 Power BI Beginner
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Who Should Attend

Power user's that want to analyze and display big data in clear and concise ways.

Course Objectives

    Understanding Self Service Business Intelligence, Connecting to Data, Preparing Data for Analysis, Visualizing Data, Dashboards in Power BI Service


1 - Understanding Self Service Business Intelligence
2 - Connecting to Data
3 - Preparing Data for Analysis
4 - Visualizing Data
5 - Dashboards in Power BI Service