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Microsoft has recently introduced a new line of security courses and certifications based on security, compliance, and identity to use tools and solutions properly. Check them out here:


Thinking about switching to the cloud? Finding a strategy that fits your needs and resources is essential to a seamless transition.


Windows 10 is a powerhouse platform that offers organizations and their employees a host of features that provides a better experience for business' modern needs. Here are our top 5 features of Windows 10:


How can you make meetings with your friends, family, and even co-workers more fun? Well, obviously, by slapping a filter on your Camera!


How can you get rid of that unwanted page at the end of your Word document?


Managing meetings in Microsoft Teams can be simple when you have a good reference. Here's how you can be a meeting master in Teams:


Need the rundown on what is happening to Microsoft's SATV's? Let us bring you up to speed:


In Part Three of our Beyond the Basics series, we're learning how Power Pivot can help you link two tables together to give you a single view of data.

ultimate_meeting .png

How can you schedule a meeting that everyone WANTS to attend? Find out how you can run any meeting like a pro with a free reference guide here.


Learning how to save time with an excel spreadsheet can make you more productive and an Excel wiz! Read up on how to use autofill in excel: