I Have SATVs, How Can I Redeem Them for Training?

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Where Do I Get My Voucher Number?

Your Benefit Administrator will need to generate voucher numbers to be used at checkout on our website by navigating to https://Microsoft.com/Licensing/ServiceCenter and activating your available SATV vouchers for the desired number of training days. They will then assign the vouchers to the email address of the person who will be attending training. If you are scheduling your own training, you will need a voucher number (if known, but not required) at checkout. 

**SATV Voucher number does not go in the Discount Code field.

Can I Redeem an SATV Voucher for a Microsoft Exam Voucher?

Yes you can. You can redeem one SATV day for one Microsoft Exam Voucher. Microsoft Certification Exam Vouchers are valid for 12 months.


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