Exploring Power BI as Your Business Intelligence Solution

Microsoft, PowerPlatform, PowerBI

Duration: 60 minutes

In any business, data is generated by and collected from various systems and processes in sometimes large amounts. Analysis of this data to create actionable information in the decision-making process is called Business Intelligence (BI).

Getting Started with AWS

Cloud, AWS, Amazon

Duration: 40 minutes

This short session is for IT practitioners and decision-makers that have heard the hype about cloud computing but have yet to delve into the details. It will provide an overview of cloud concepts and benefits, as well as a survey of the most fundamental services in AWS.

Hybrid Work: What IT Needs to Know

Work From Home, Hybrid Work, New Normal

Duration: 30 minutes

When COVID-19 initially took its hold on the workplace, IT organizations of all sizes modified their processes, projects, and best practices to support a work-from-home environment.

Microsoft Azure Job Roles and Certification Roadmap

Microsoft, Azure, Job Roles

Duration: 60 minutes

No matter where you are or what language or framework you operate in, getting certified in Microsoft Azure can help give you and your organization the skills and credentials needed to showcase the latest strategies for the cloud.

Modernize Your Application Development with Red Hat and DevOps

Applications, Red Hat, Application Development

Duration: 45 minutes

Many organizations are shifting toward modern application development. New working methods, such as DevOps, create a mindset of providing full value streams of new features in short delivery cycles.

Negotiate Forward

Leadership and Development, Professional Development

Duration: 20 minutes

Negotiating is a fundamental life skill. Become familiar with techniques to turn face-to-face confrontation into side-by-side problem-solving.