Positive Assertiveness

Leadership and Development, Professional Development

Duration: 60 minutes

Positive Assertiveness is both a communication style and behavior pattern that is fully expressive without being either dominant or passive. Organizations that foster positive assertiveness benefit from increased agility, better decision making, higher job mobility, and job satisfaction, and improved flow of critical information.

Power BI: Turn Data Into Action

Microsoft, Power BI, Power Platform

Duration: 30 minutes

Over the last five years, data explosion has left organizations with massive stockpiles of information but no clear way to create actionable, data-driven insights. Power BI, Microsoft's analytics and visualization tool unlocks your data's untapped potential and brings insights closer to decision-makers.

Microsoft PowerPoint: 5 Tips in 20 Minutes

Microsoft, Microsoft Application, PowerPoint

Duration: 20 minutes

Want to find out how you can leverage PowerPoint to its fullest potential? Discover five PowerPoint tips that will make your presentations more organized and engaging in this highly interactive webinar led by Joseph Christian!

Securing the (post)-modern attack surface: Protecting emerging technologies

CompTIA, Security+, Securtiy, Security Careers

Duration: 60 minutes

Join CompTIA’s Chief Technology Evangelist, Dr. James Stanger, as he discusses today’s (post)-modern cybersecurity worker must get smarter to protect identities, information, and emerging technology.

Top 10 Benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure

Cloud, Azure, Virtual Desktop

Duration: 60 minutes

In the past, having employees work from home presented a challenge for companies. Now working from home is the norm! Companies have been able to extend their work experience and security through Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop.

Transitioning to Microsoft Teams from Skype for Business

Microsoft, Microsoft Application, Teams

Duration: 60 minutes

Skype for Business retires July 31st, 2021 - what does that mean for your organization? How should you prepare for the transition? United Training is excited to host Red Level’s collaboration experts as they lay out a road map to get you ready for the upgrade.