Scrum Developer Certified (SDC)

 2 Days
Delivery Methods
 VILT    Private Group

Scrum Developer Certified (SDC™) is an entry level certification for Scrum Team members and those who interact with any Scrum Team. The objective of this certification is to ensure that Scrum Team members know enough about Scrum to effectively contribute to a Scrum project. NOTE: This course includes free access to the exam and will earn you 14 PDUs.


Upcoming Class Dates and Times

Nov 22  - Nov 23, 2021
8:00AM - 4:00PM Central
2 Days
Virtual Instructor Led

Who Should Attend

This is highly recommended for everyone in a company who works in a Scrum Team or anyone who interacts with any Scrum Team. This will also be very useful for those who are interested in understanding the basics of Scrum and how this method could be used effectively.

Course Objectives

    To ensure that students understand the basics of Scrum To enable Scrum Team members to effectively contribute to a Scrum project. To enable Scrum Team members to apply Scrum effectively in Scrum/Agile projects.


1 - Introduction
  • Scrum Overview
  • Scrum Principles
  • Scrum Aspects
  • Scrum Processes
  • Scrum Advantages
2 - Organization
  • Core Roles
  • Team Dynamics
  • Team Selection
  • Non-core Roles
3 - Business Justification
  • Value-driven Delivery
  • Responsibilities of Scrum Roles in Business Justification
  • Tools for Planning Value
  • Continuous Value Justification
4 - Quality
  • Quality and Scope
  • Quality and Business Value
  • Acceptance Criteria and the Prioritized Product Backlog
  • Quality Management in Scrum
  • Quality Planning
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance
5 - Change
  • Unapproved and Approved Change Requests
  • Change in Scrum
6 - Risk
  • Risks and Issues
  • Risk Management Procedure
  • Risk Assessment Techniques
  • Minimizing Risks through Scrum
7 - Introduction to Scrum Project Phases
8 - Initiate Phase
9 - Plan and Estimate Phase
10 - Implement Phase
11 - Review and Retrospect Phase
12 - Release Phase
13 - Scaling Scrum
  • Scalability of Scrum
  • Transition to Scrum
  • Mapping Traditional Roles to Scrum

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