Training by Job Role for Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) plays a strategic role in managing people, as well as maintaining a positive workplace culture and environment. If effective, it can contribute greatly to the company vision and help accomplish the organization’s overall goals. The key responsibilities of the Human Resources Management (HRM) team typically include employee recruiting and training, performance appraisals, workplace communication, workplace safety, and much more.

To help professionals learn on-the-job skills that will propel your business forward, United Training has compiled a list of our recommended training courses for job roles surrounding Human Resources (HR).

Human Resources Manager

Human Resource Managers are the overseers of the human resources department and insurers of the functions and tasks being carried out by the HR team. They are often seen as the link between an organization’s management and its employees, as their work runs the gamut, from providing consultation on strategic planning with top executives, to recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new staff.

Human Resource Specialist

The responsibilities of Human Resources Specialists revolve around the recruitment and placement of employees; therefore, their job duties may range from screening job candidates and conducting interviews to performing background checks and providing orientation to new employees. In some organizations, HR Specialists may also have other duties related to benefits administration and employee retention.

Please Note: The courses listed above are our recommendations for some of the most common roles within Human Resources; however, your organization may have slightly different titles and/or responsibilities. Please contact us below to speak with one of our expert Account Representatives to discuss the specific learning requirements for you and your business.

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