Role-Based Training Solutions: Service Desk

A Service Desk is the first point of contact for customers and employees alike. Improving the technical and customer service skills of your Service Desk is vital to productivity and to the overall customer experience, as a company’s Service Desk sits at the front-line of customer care and, in turn, becomes the face of the organization. Utilizing authorized training solutions from leading vendors, such as CompTIA and Microsoft, can transform your Service Desk team by raising their level of technical proficiency.

To help professionals learn on-the-job skills that will propel your business forward, United Training has compiled a list of our recommended training courses for job roles surrounding your Service Desk.

Service Desk Technician / Specialist

A Service Desk Technician is responsible for ensuring proper computer operation so that end users can accomplish business tasks. This includes receiving, prioritizing, documenting, and actively resolving end-user help requests and escalating incidents when considered appropriate and necessary to maintain SLA expectations.

Service Desk Manager

Service Desk Managers oversee the performance of Level 1 and Level 2 services & support to clients (internal and external) to ensure that service levels are achieved. They are also responsible for ensuring the staff are meeting and exceeding expectations regarding performance, metrics, and benchmarks.

Does Your Service Desk Field Questions on Microsoft Office?

It is also worth noting that many Service Desk members are asked for assistance with Microsoft Office applications. United Training has more ways to train on Microsoft Office than any other training provider

Please Note: The courses listed above are our recommendations for some of the most common roles within an organization's Service Desk; however, your organization may have slightly different titles and/or responsibilities. Please contact us below to speak with one of our expert Account Representatives to discuss the specific learning requirements for you and your business.

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