AI / Machine Learning Training Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are disrupting nearly every industry and organizational function. Those professionals with the knowledge and expertise to understand, create, and implement AI and Machine Learning solutions are in high demand. The ongoing advancement of AI and machine learning technology also indicates that there will be a rise in demand for experts in these areas over the next several years.

United Training offers a robust catalog of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning titles, including authorized content from Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and more.


Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals for Business Professionals

Understanding the fundamental concepts of AI has significant implications for your business. Learn to make informed decisions regarding AI implementation and explore opportunities for innovation.

Data Literacy

This Data Literacy training is designed to give you a high level overview of the key topics in Data Science and Machine Learning.

1 Day | $795

AI for Business Professionals (AIBIZ™)

This course will provide the foundational knowledge of AI that you need to steer your business forward using the benefits of Machine Learning and AI concepts.

0.5 Days | $495

Data Ethics for Business Professionals (DEBIZ ™)

This course provides business professionals and consumers of technology core concepts of ethical principles, how they can be applied to emerging data driven technologies and the impact to an organization which ignores ethical use of technology.

1 Day | $795

Data Science for Business Professionals (DSBIZ ™)

This course is designed for business leaders and decision makers looking to leverage data science concepts and technologies to further the success of their business.

0.5 Day | $495

Making ChatGPT and Generative AI Work for You (GenAIBIZ)

This course is designed to demystify generative AI for business professionals, and trace its power to actionable, real-world business goals. Gain the essential knowledge of generative AI to elevate your organization in these exciting times.

1 Day | $795

AI / ML Training for Programmers

Build more efficient and more effective applications by incorporating AI into your development lifecycle. Learn the skills necessary to build the next generation of AI assisted software.

Introduction to Python

This course is designed to take complete beginners or experienced developers up to speed on Python’s capabilities, setting up students for success in using Python for their specific field of expertise.

3 Days | $1795

OpenAI Python API Bootcamp

In this comprehensive course, you will learn how to harness the power of OpenAI to build intelligent applications and solutions using Python.

2 Days | $1195

Python for Data Science

This data science training course is for Python developers who want to learn how to use the key libraries in the Python Data Science ecosystem.

3 Days | $1795

Python for Machine Learning

Master the skills to use machine learning in your day-to-day work with this Python course. Create algorithms to predict classes, continuous values, and more.

2 Days | $1895

Natural Language Processing

This course is designed for experienced Python developers who want to learn how to apply state of the art Natural Language Processing frameworks and techniques.

2 Days | $1895

Deep Learning with PyTorch

This course is designed for students familiar with the basics of data science and ML who want to learn how to use Facebook’s PyTorch library for deep learning and neural network based applications.

3 Days | $1895

Computer Vision with Python OpenCV

OpenCV comes with a huge array of functionality, even deep learning-based, and allows for efficient image processing and computer vision. Tracking, Object Detection, Facial Recognition, and much more – all in one library.

3 Days | $1895

Certified Artificial Intelligence (AI) Practitioner (CAIP)

This course shows you how to apply various approaches and algorithms to solve business problems through AI and Machine Learning.

5 Days | $3475

Certified Data Science Practitioner (CDSP)

For a business to thrive in our data-driven world, it must treat data as one of its most important assets. This course will enable you to bring value to the business by putting data science concepts into practice.

5 Days | $3475

AI / ML Training for Cloud Professionals

Learn to take advantage of the AI and Machine Learning capabilities across your entire hybrid-cloud infrastructure with training for Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.

As a Gold Learning Partner with Microsoft, United Training delivers Microsoft Azure authorized content and certification training for every member of your cloud team.

See All Azure Training

AI-900T00 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals

This course introduces fundamentals concepts related to artificial intelligence (AI), and the services in Microsoft Azure that can be used to create AI solutions.

1 Day | $595

AI-102T00 Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution

Gain the necessary knowledge for designing Azure AI solution by building a customer support chat Bot using artificial intelligence from the Microsoft Azure platform including language understanding and pre-built AI functionality in the Azure Cognitive Services.

4 Days | $2380

DP-100T01 Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure

Gain the necessary knowledge about how to use Azure services to develop, train, and deploy, machine learning solutions. The course starts with an overview of Azure services that support data science.

4 Days | $2380
AI/ML Fact

As a Select Training Partner with AWS, United Training offers AWS learning solutions and certification training for every member of your cloud team.

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The Machine Learning Pipeline on AWS

You will learn how to frame your business problems as ML problems and use Amazon SageMaker to train, evaluate, tune, and deploy ML models.

4 Days | $2700

Practical Data Science with Amazon SageMaker

This course walks through the stages of a typical data science process for Machine Learning from analyzing and visualizing a dataset to preparing the data, and feature engineering.

1 Day | $675

MLOps Engineering on AWS

This course builds upon and extends the DevOps practice prevalent in software development to build, train, and deploy machine learning (ML) models.

3 Day | $2025
AI/ML Fact

Google Cloud Platform training is for individuals looking to create new solutions or to integrate existing systems, application environments, and infrastructure into the Google Cloud Platform.

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Google Cloud Fundamentals: Big Data and Machine Learning

This course showcases the ease, flexibility, and power of big data solutions on Google Cloud Platform.

1 Days | $595

Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform

What is machine learning, and what kinds of problems can it solve? Find out in this 5-day course that will teach you how to implement machine learning models using TensorFlow.

5 Days | $2995

GCP Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) Exam Prep

This certification preparatory course will show you how to use Google Cloud to design, build, and operationalize data systems that can run at the scale of Google.

3 Days | $1795

GCP Professional Data Engineer (PDE) Exam Prep

This course prepares you for the Google Cloud Platform Professional Data Engineer (PDE) certification exam. Professional Data Engineers enable data-driven decision making by collecting, transforming, and publishing data.

3 Days | $1795



AI / Machine Learning Certifications

Select from the following certifications to validate your Machine Learning skills and grow your career.


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