Role-Based Training Solutions: IT Service Management

The effects of poor Service Management can be felt well beyond the walls of your IT Department. Your customers, both internal and external, rely on you to provide proper levels of service across all areas of IT. Increasing the dependability of your services will transform your organization and allow those services to fade into the background; allowing your customers to assume that your services are always available. Efficient and reliable Service Management not only means that your services will work more often, but also that you are able to respond more quickly when they don’t.

To help professionals learn on-the-job skills that will propel your business forward, United Training has compiled a list of our recommended training courses for job roles surrounding IT Service Management.

Availability Manager

The Availability Manager is responsible for defining, analyzing, planning, measuring, and improving all aspects of the availability of IT services. They are responsible for ensuring that all IT infrastructure, processes, tools, roles etc. are appropriate for the agreed service level targets for availability.

Service Continuity Manager

The Service Continuity Manager is responsible for managing risks that could seriously impact IT services. He ensures that the IT service provider can provide minimum agreed service levels in cases of disaster, by reducing the risk to an acceptable level and planning for the recovery of IT services.

Supplier Relationship Manager

This role is responsible for being the interface between the IT department and third-party suppliers of assets and services, who are external to the organization. This role may exist in a procurement or supply chain function and be seconded to IT.

Project Manager

In IT Service Management, the Project Manager’s role is to define and maintain the service provider’s project management standards and to provide overall resources and management of IT projects. This role is actively involved in the work of the service design, as well as the service transition stages of the service lifecycle.

Service Level Manager

The Service Level Manager is responsible for negotiating Service Level Agreements and ensuring that these are met. They make sure that all IT Service Management processes, Operational Level Agreements, and Underpinning Contracts are appropriate for the agreed service level targets.

Please Note: The courses listed above are our recommendations for some of the most common roles within Service Management; however, your organization may have slightly different titles and/or responsibilities. Please contact us below to speak with one of our expert Account Representatives to discuss the specific learning requirements for you and your business.

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