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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), is a comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps and forms. And it makes it easy to manage your marketing content and assets. Build lifetime value - deliver digital experiences over the lifetime of your customer that build brand loyalty and drive demand.


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1 - AEM - An Overview
  • History of AEM
  • Installation and Set Up
  • AEM Consoles
  • Package Manager - Create and install Package
2 - Architecture and Concepts
  • Web application technologies and CMS
  • Basic concepts and technologies
  • Understanding the AEM architecture
  • Dispatcher
3 - Authoring
  • Working with author environment
  • Working with touch UI and classic UI
4 - Templates and Components
  • CRXDE and templates
  • How to create components
  • CRXDE folder structure
  • Core vs. Foundation components
5 - Dialog and cqDialog
  • Eclipse: Integration with BitBucket and AEM
  • Client.Libs
  • Creating a custom project
  • Sightly A template language
6 - Create AEM Project in Eclipse an Deploy
  • Validate bundle in OSGI
7 - Creating a Website
  • Creating a content page
  • Template and thumbnail
  • Add design using clientlibs
  • Creating a navigation menu component
  • Creating Log Files
  • Title component and dialogs
  • Configure Images
8 - Sling Concepts
  • Sling resource resolution
  • Overlay and Slight resource manager

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