Basic NetApp Configuration and Administration (BNCA)


2 Days


Delivery Methods
Virtual Instructor Led
Private Group

Course Overview

This two-day course provides a technical overview of the features and benefits of NetApp ONTAP 9 data-management software. The course enables you to explain the architecture and functionality of an ONTAP cluster. You will also be introduced to basic administration, configuration and management of an ONTAP cluster. Through hands-on exercises, you will learn how to create a cluster, aggregates, storage virtual machines (SVMs), LIFs, FlexVol volumes and Snapshot copies.

Course Objectives

  • List the steps to create and configure a cluster
  • Identify the methods to manage a cluster
  • Describe IPspaces, broadcast domains, and subnets
  • Describe SVM benefits, components, and features
  • Describe FlexVol volumes and efficiency features
  • Describe methods to access files in a cluster
  • Who Should Attend?

    NetApp customers, IT generalists, and academic alliance students

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    Course Prerequisites

    A basic knowledge of storage networking


    1 - ONTAP Cluster Fundamentals: Clusters

    • Cluster components
    • ONTAP 9 software
    • ONTAP storage architecture
    • Cluster configurations
    • ONTAP 9 software deployments
    • Supported cluster configuration
    • Create a cluster

    2 - ONTAP Cluster Fundamentals: Management

    • Administrators
    • Accessing the cluster
    • Managing clusters
    • Clustershell
    • System manager dashboard
    • OnCommand Management portfolio
    • Configuring clusters
    • Managing cluster access
    • Predefined SVM roles
    • Monitoring clusters

    3 - ONTAP Cluster Fundamentals: Networking

    • Management and data networks
    • Ports and logical interfaces
    • IPspaces
    • Network interfaces

    4 - ONTAP Cluster Fundamentals: Storage Virtual Machines

    • Data SVM
    • FlexVol volumes
    • Snapshot technology
    • Volume efficiency
    • Moving volumes
    • Cloning volumes
    • SVM setup workflow
    • Editing an SVM
    • Configuring SVMs

    5 - ONTAP NAS Fundamentals

    • NAS
    • SVM namespace
    • NFS protocol
    • SMB protocol

    6 - ONTAP SAN Fundamentals

    • SAN
    • SCSI concepts
    • LUN
    • IP SAN nodes and ports
    • Implementing a SAN
    • IP SAN
    • IP SAN target configuration
    • IP SAN initiator configuration
    • LUN access steps
    • Window multipath driver overview

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