Certified CMMC Assessor (CCA)


5 Days


Delivery Methods
Virtual Instructor Led
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Course Overview

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program provides a standard model and process for conducting a conformity assessment of Department of Defense (DoD) suppliers and service providers. Organizations wanting to provide products and services to the DoD will be required to demonstrate their cybersecurity competency and compliance under the CMMC program.

A Certified CMMC Assessor (CCA) applies a rigorous Assessment Process to ensure the relevant security controls have been effectively implemented and that there is evidence that these controls can be sustained.

This course covers identifying the scope of an Assessment, assessing the CMMC Level 2 practices, and using an established process and workflow to enable efficiencies during an Assessment.

Course Objectives

  • Protect CUI with the CMMC program.
  • Establish the key elements of your responsibilities as a professional CMMC Assessor.
  • Work through an Assessment.
  • Validate the context and scope of a Level 2 CMMC Assessment.
  • Assess the practices in the Access Control (AC) domain.
  • Assess the practices in the Awareness and Training (AT) domain.
  • Assess the practices in the Audit and Accountability (AU) domain.
  • Assess the practices in the Security Assessment (CA) domain.
  • Assess the practices in the Configuration Management (CM) domain.
  • Assess the practices in the Identification and Authentication (IA) domain.
  • Assess the practices in the Incident Response (IR) domain.
  • Assess the practices in the Maintenance (MA) domain.
  • Assess the practices in the Media Protection (MP) domain.
  • Assess the practices in the Personnel Security (PS) domain.
  • Assess the practices in the Physical Protection (PE) domain.
  • Assess the practices in the Risk Assessment (RA) domain.
  • Assess the practices in the System and Communications Protection (SC) domain.
  • Assess the practices in the System and Information Integrity (SI) domain.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for Certified CMMC Professionals (CCP) who are interested in becoming Certified CMMC Assessors (CCA), as well as Certified CMMC Instructors (CCI) who want to teach this CCA course in the future. This course is also beneficial to employees of Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Organizations Seeking Certification (OSCs) because an understanding of how CCPs and CCAs think during an Assessment will ensure better Assessment readiness.

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Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.


Lesson 1: Protecting CUI with the CMMC Program

  • Topic A: Protect Controlled Unclassified Information
  • Topic B: Utilize the CMMC Source Documents

Lesson 2: Being an Assessor

  • Topic A: Identify Assessment Roles and Responsibilities
  • Topic B: Establish an Assessor Mindset
  • Topic C: Determine the OSC's Cybersecurity Environment

Lesson 3: Working Through an Assessment

  • Topic A: Identify Assessment Flow and Milestone Events
  • Topic B: Prepare to Work with the OSC
  • Topic C: Formalize the Plan
  • Topic D: Assess the Evidence
  • Topic E: Handle Non-Conformity Issues
  • Topic F: Finalize the Assessment

Lesson 4: Validating the Scope of a CMMC Assessment

  • Topic A: Define Scope Fundamentals
  • Topic B: Categorize the Assets
  • Topic C: Determine the OSC Context
  • Topic D: Define ESPs
  • Topic E: Validate the Assessment Scope

Lesson 5: Assessing the AC Practices

  • Topic A: Evaluate the AC Practices
  • Topic B: Identify AC Connections and Considerations

Lesson 6: Assessing the AT Practices

  • Topic A: Evaluate the AT Practices
  • Topic B: Identify AT Connections and Considerations

Lesson 7: Assessing the AU Practices

  • Topic A: Evaluate the AU Practices
  • Topic B: Identify AU Connections and Considerations

Lesson 8: Assessing the CA Practices

  • Topic A: Evaluate the CA Practices
  • Topic B: Identify CA Connections and Considerations

Lesson 9: Assessing the CM Practices

  • Topic A: Evaluate the CM Practices
  • Topic B: Identify CM Connections and Considerations

Lesson 10: Assessing the IA Practices

  • Topic A: Evaluate the IA Practices
  • Topic B: Identify IA Connections and Considerations

Lesson 11: Assessing the IR Practices

  • Topic A: Evaluate the IR Practices
  • Topic B: Identify IR Connections and Considerations

Lesson 12: Assessing the MA Practices

  • Topic A: Evaluate the MA Practices
  • Topic B: Identify MA Connections and Considerations

Lesson 13: Assessing the MP Practices

  • Topic A: Evaluate the MP Practices
  • Topic B: Identify MP Connections and Considerations

Lesson 14: Assessing the PE Practices

  • Topic A: Evaluate the PE Practices
  • Topic B: Identify PE Connections and Considerations

Lesson 15: Assessing the PS Practices

  • Topic A: Evaluate the PS Practices
  • Topic B: Identify PS Connections and Considerations

Lesson 16: Assessing the RA Practices

  • Topic A: Evaluate the RA Practices
  • Topic B: Identify RA Connections and Considerations

Lesson 17: Assessing the SC Practices

  • Topic A: Evaluate the SC Practices
  • Topic B: Identify SC Connections and Considerations

Lesson 18: Assessing the SI Practices

  • Topic A: Evaluate the SI Practices
  • Topic B: Identify SI Connections and Considerations

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