InDesign CC Getting Started with Adobe InDesign CC

 One Hour
Delivery Methods

This course introduces students to Adobe InDesign CC, a powerful desktop publishing application. Students will learn why the application is useful, how to navigate the interface, how to create a variety of documents, and how to access basic tools and settings so they can get started publishing documents.


Upcoming Class Dates and Times

Sep 21, 2021
1:00PM - 2:00PM Central
One Hour
Virtual Instructor Led
Nov 18, 2021
10:00AM - 11:00AM Central
One Hour
Virtual Instructor Led

Who Should Attend

This class is intended for students who are new to InDesign and will include a basic introduction. However, even more experienced users can fill gaps in their knowledge or review key concepts.

Course Objectives

    This course aims to ease students into what may be a very different application from what they are used to. Students will learn how to create documents, edit them at a basic level, and export them for publishing. By the end of this course, you will be ready to apply these basic concepts and to learn about more advanced features.


1 - Lessons
  • Introducing InDesign CC: Learn about InDesign's rich interface, powerful capabilities, and how to edit them to match your needs.
  • Building a Basic InDesign Document: Learn how to use and customize document presets and how to add basic text and graphics.
  • Zoom Options: Learn a variety of ways to control the zoom level and view of a document.
  • Modifying the Layout: Learn how to add and delete pages and set up margins and columns.
  • Modifying Text: Learn several methods for selecting text, adding text to a document, and linking text frames to control flow.
  • Moving and Sizing Objects: Learn how to move and resize objects.
  • Drawing Basic Shapes: Learn how to create rectangles, ellipses, and polygons in a document.
  • Working with Color: Learn how apply stroke and fill colors to both objects and text.
  • Exporting the Document to Other Formats: Learn how to publish documents both in print and online and where to find the appropriate settings.