Outlook 2016 Creating Attention-Getting Emails

 One Hour
Delivery Methods

This course provides students with the tools necessary to create engaging, user-friendly email messages. Students will learn about creating various graphic elements, such as: tables, SmartArt, hyperlinks, and stationary tools. Also, information will be given regarding important/sensitive messages, as well as track and voting options.


Upcoming Class Dates and Times

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Who Should Attend

Moderate exposure is recommended for this course. Users should have some experience working with Outlook, as terminology and navigational competency is suggested. The course is designed to show students how to enhance email messages, through use of the outlined topics.

Course Objectives

    The course objective is to teach students how to take email messages to the next level, by providing information regarding both visual and technical features. Students will become knowledgeable about creating attention-getting emails, ones that appealing to the recipient.


1 - Lessons
  • Using Tables, Smart Art, and AutoText - Learn to organize information into tables, present data in graphic form, and use Quick Parts.
  • Working with Hyperlinks and Symbols - Learn how to create direct links to sources and use symbols.
  • Inserting Pictures and Shapes - Learn to enhance an email by using images and shapes.
  • Using Stationary - Learn to modify default text options for sending and replying to messages.
  • Assigning Importance or Sensitivity Options - Learn to tag something as important and classify as private.
  • Using and Tracking Voting - Learn to use track and voting options to receive feedback on messages.