Outlook 2019 New Features

 One Hour
Delivery Methods

This course discusses the new features within Outlook 2019. Students will gain understanding of the components that are not included in earlier versions of Outlook. The material includes specifics about the Focused Inbox, Mention, Read-Aloud, 3D Models, and working with Skype Meetings in Outlook.


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Who Should Attend

Moderate exposure is recommended for this course. This course is designed for a user familiar with a previous version of Office, who is curious about the new features in the 2019 version. Some terminology and experience is suggested.

Course Objectives

    Students taking the course will learn about how to use productivity enhancements, use graphic enhancements, and work with Skype Meetings in Outlook. The course enables users to use the features and tools offered in the 2019 version of Outlook.


1 - Lessons
  • New in Outlook 2019 - Learn how to use the Help Ribbon
  • Using Productivity Enhancements - Learn to utilize the focused inbox and automatically download cloud attachments. Learn to use Mention, the Read-Aloud feature, and the Microsoft Translator.
  • Using Graphic Enhancements - Learn to insert icons and 3D models.
  • Working with Skype and OneNote - Learn how to create and customize Skype Meetings from Outlook and add OneNote notes to a meeting.