Word 2016 New Features

 One Hour
Delivery Methods

This course introduces students to new features in Microsoft Word 2016 to help them stay up to date and comfortable working in the application.


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Who Should Attend

This course is designed for those who have used previous versions of Microsoft Word and would like to learn about the new functions and features of Word 2016. Note that this course does provide an introduction to the basics of the application, so beginners may want to take more foundational courses before learning the new features.

Course Objectives

    The goal of this course is to show students the new features that have been added to Microsoft Word 2016. You will learn about the new tracking features, collaboration tools and some new Office features that are common across all Office Applications. By the end of this session, you will be able to take full advantage of all that Word 2016 has to offer.


1 - Lessons
  • New in Word 2016 - Learn about the new Design tab and how enable touch screen mode. New Features Across Office Applications - Learn about the Tell Me feature, how to use Smart Lookup, and how to embed videos. Word 2016 Enhancements - Learn the new features with tracking changes: how to lock them, how to use simple markup, and how to mark comments as done. Collaborating in Office 2016 - Learn about co-authoring, inviting a recipient, and working with version history.