Access - Getting Started with Access

 One Hour
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Upcoming Class Dates and Times

Sep 01, 2022
1:00PM - 2:00PM Central
One Hour
Virtual Instructor Led
Oct 31, 2022
10:00AM - 11:00AM Central
One Hour
Virtual Instructor Led


1 - Outline
  • Overview - Learn about the components of an Access database and how they work together.
  • Creating a Desktop Database - Learn how to create a database for use on your desktop from a blank database and from a template.
  • Creating Tables - Learn the components of a table and how to build tables to hold the data.
  • Working with Tables - Learn how to add records, edit records, and delete records in a table.
  • Using Queries - Learn how to build a query to extract data from the tables.
  • Creating Forms - Learn how to create a form, navigate a form, and use a form to view and enter data into the database.
  • Creating Reports - Learn how to create reports that allow you to organize, format, and print information from the database.