Access 2019 - Intermediate

4 Hours, 11 Minutes
Delivery Method
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This course is designed to teach students intermediate level skills in Microsoft Access 2019. In this course, students will learn to design tables for improved accuracy in data entry, review the various options to share data with other applications, learn about action queries, and review various advanced query techniques. Students will also learn how to automate processes with Macros, advanced form techniques, and advanced report techniques. This course prepares students for the Access 2019 Advanced course.


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Access 2019 - Intermediate
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Course Objectives

    Desinging Tables for Better Data Entry, Sharing Data with Other Applications, Working with Action Queries, Advanced Query Techniques, Automating Processes with Macros, Advanced Form Techniques, Advanced Report Techniques


1 - Introduction
  • Introduction
2 - Designing Tables for Better Data Entry
  • Reviewing Table Design Principles
  • Setting Field Size, Formats, and Captions
  • Setting Default Values and Required Fields
  • Restricting Data Entry: Validation Rules
  • Restricting Data Entry: Input Masks
3 - Sharing Data with Other Applications
  • Exporting Tables and Queries to Excel
  • Exporting Data to a SharePoint List
  • Importing Data from Excel
  • Importing Data from a SharePoint List
  • Linking External Data Sources
  • Using Word Merge
4 - Working with Action Queries
  • What are Action Queries?
  • Creating an Update Query
  • Creating an Append Query
  • Creating a Delete Query
  • Creating a Make Table Query
  • Changing the Start Number of an Auto Number Field
5 - Advanced Query Techniques
  • Modifying Query Joins
  • Using Self Joins to Combine Data
  • Creating Find Unmatched and Find Duplicate Queries
  • Creating Parameter Queries
  • Creating a Top X Query
  • Reviewing Calculated Query Fields
  • Summarizing Query Data with Totals
  • Creating a Crosstab Query
6 - Automating Processes with Macros
  • Understanding Macro Basics
  • Creating Macros to Open Forms by Record
  • Validating Data Entry with Macros
  • Creating a Macro to Automate Data Entry
  • Advanced Data Entry Using Macros and DLOOKUP
7 - Advanced Form Techniques
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Working with the New Label Name Property
  • Organizing Form Fields with Tab Controls
  • Creating an Option Group Control
  • Creating a Combo Box Control
  • Configuring a Combo Box Control to Show Search Results
  • Using a Subform to Show Data from a Related Table
8 - Advanced Report Techniques
  • Inserting a Chart on a Report
  • Showing Data in Columns
  • Inserting a Subreport
  • Configuring Reports with Parameter Queries
  • Sending Reports
9 - Conclusion
  • Course Recap