Crystal Reports - Beginner

3 Hours, 26 Minutes
Delivery Method
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This course teaches the beginning user how to create useful reports using Crystal Reports 2008. The primary focus is to give you a solid foundation on effectively using the Crystal Reports interface and its many features. When completed, the student will understand how reports are generated and how to customize the output for practical, impressive reports. You will learn how to create a simple report, use formulas in a report, use conditional formatting, add parameters to a report, distribute data, enhance a report, and much more.


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Crystal Reports - Beginner
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Course Objectives

    Introduction , Exploring the Interface , Creating a Simple Report , Using Formulas , Adding Special Fields and Parameters , Sorting, Grouping, and Summarizing , Enhancing a Report , Utilizing Conditional Formatting , Distributing Data , Conclusion


1 - Introduction
  • Introduction
2 - Exploring the Interface
  • Viewing the Start Page
  • Understanding the Interface
  • Viewing the Report Explorer
  • Viewing the Workbench
  • Understanding the Preview Mode
3 - Creating a Simple Report
  • Using the Report Creation Wizard
  • Modifying Report Objectives
  • Designing a Report From Scratch
  • Inserting Fields
  • Browsing Field Data
  • Placing Text Objects on the Report
4 - Using Formulas
  • Using the Formula Editor
  • Concatenating String Fields
  • Changing Numbers to Words
  • Using Data Functions
  • Creating Summary Calculations
5 - Adding Special Fields and Parameters
  • Adding Special Fields
  • Creating Parameters Fields
  • Adding a Parameter Field to a Printout
  • Working with Multiple Parameter Fields
6 - Sorting, Grouping, and Summarizing
  • Inserting a Group
  • Sorting Records
  • Deleting and Changing Groups
  • Inserting Summary Calculations
7 - Enhancing a Report
  • Inserting Graphics
  • Formatting Objects
  • Aligning Objects
8 - Utilizing Conditional Formatting
  • Using the Highlighting Expert
  • Filtering Data
  • Filtering Data Using a Dynamic Parameters
9 - Distributing Data
  • Creating Mailing Labels
  • Exporting Data
10 - Conclusion
  • Conclusion