Microsoft 365 Introduction to Flow - Beginner

2 Hours, 8 Minutes
Delivery Method
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This course gives students a comprehensive overview of Flow, an Microsoft 365 app which allows users to create automated workflows between apps in order to receive notifications, and synchronize files, collect data. In this course, students will review the various types of Flows, learn how to build a Flow, and how to work with actions. They will also learn how to use approvals as well as how to share, import, and export a Flow.


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Microsoft 365 Introduction to Flow - Beginner
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Course Objectives

    Introduction , Flow Overview , Building a Flow , Flow Actions , Flow Settings , Conclusion , Using Approvals


1 - Introduction
  • Introduction
2 - Flow Overview
  • Flow Overview
  • Types of Flows
  • Understanding Connectors
  • Creating a Flow From a Template
  • Creating a Flow From Blank
  • Using the Flow Mobile App
3 - Building a Flow
  • Flow Components
  • Adding a Trigger
  • Configuring Triggers
  • Adding an Action
  • Configuring Actions
  • Working with Dynamic Content
  • Saving a Flow
4 - Flow Actions
  • Using the Condition" Action"
  • Using the Apply to Each" Action"
  • Using the Switch" Action"
  • Using SharePoint" Actions"
  • Using Delay" Actions"
  • Using Outlook" Actions"
  • Using OneDrive" Actions"
  • Using O365 Users" Actions"
  • Using Variable" Actions"
5 - Using Approvals
  • Adding an Approval Action
  • Configuring an Approval Action
  • Responding to an Approval
  • Using the Approval Outcome
6 - Flow Settings
  • Editing a Flow
  • Turning Off or Deleting a Flow
  • Sharing a Flow
  • Additional Flow Settings
7 - Conclusion
  • Course Recap