Microsoft 365 Teams - Beginner

1 Hours, 37 Minutes
Delivery Method
LearnNow On Demand

Teams is a chat-based workspace that keeps a team’s important communication and files in one place. It works with Microsoft 365 and features threaded chats to help everyone converse and collaborate more effectively. Students will learn to create teams, add users, manage a team, start a team conversations, reply to a conversation, and add files. In addition, students will explore channels, create new channels, add favorites, create and share files, work with meetings, schedule team meetings, integrate with SharePoint, add tabs to keep files, notes and apps available, and connectors to access content and get updates.


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Microsoft 365 Teams - Beginner
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Course Objectives

    Collaborating with Teams


1 - Introduction
  • Introduction
2 - A First Look at Teams
  • Getting Started with Teams
  • Navigating and Understanding Teams
  • Working with Presence Status
3 - Using Chat
  • Getting Started with Chat
  • Sending a Message
  • Advanced Messaging Options
  • Sharing Files in Chat
  • Managing Chat
4 - Working with Meetings
  • Creating a Meeting on the Spot
  • Scheduling a Meeting
  • Working with Meeting Settings
  • Using Meeting Notes and Chat
  • Sharing Content in a Meeting
  • Recording a Meeting
5 - Collaborating Using Teams
  • Creating or Joining a Team
  • Managing a Team
  • Exploring Channels
  • Communicating within a Team
  • Sharing Files with a Team
  • Adding Tabs
  • Adding Connectors
  • Using Teams in SharePoint
6 - Additional Features
  • Using Immersive Reader
  • Using the Search and Command Box
  • Working with the Activity Tab
  • Adjusting Notifications and Settings
7 - Conclusion
  • Course Recap