OneNote 2013 - A Complete Guide - Beginner

2 Hours, 9 Minutes
Delivery Method
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This course is designed to familiarize users with the general navigation and functionality of OneNote 2013. Students will work with adding content to OneNote Notebooks, reviewing how to use OneNote collaboratively, using OneNote with other applications, and managing notebooks and their content.


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OneNote 2013 - A Complete Guide - Beginner
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Course Objectives

    Getting Started, Adding Content to a Notebook, Collaborating with OneNote, Using OneNote with Other Applications, Managing Notebooks


1 - Introduction
  • Introduction
2 - Getting Started
  • Overview of OneNote
  • Navigating in OneNote
  • Creating a New Notebook and Adding Pages
  • Working with Sections
  • Creating a Subpage
  • Using Templates
3 - Adding Content to a Notebook
  • Adding Text
  • Working with Containers
  • Formatting Content
  • Adding Pictures
  • Adding Audio and Video
  • Inserting Tables and Timestamps
  • Using Drawing Tools and Symbols
  • Using Tags
  • Searching
  • Working With Links
4 - Collaborating with OneNote
  • Sharing a Notebook
  • Using Page Versioning
  • Exporting a Notebook
  • Sending a Notebook
5 - Using OneNote with Other Applications
  • Working with Embedded Content
  • Using Dock to Desktop
  • Using OneNote with Outlook
  • Using OneNote with Skype, IE, and Edge
  • Using OneNote on a Tablet or Mobile Device
6 - Managing Notebooks
  • Backing Up a Notebook
  • Changing the Page Setup
  • Customizing the Interface
  • Customizing the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar
  • Printing and Security in OneNote
  • Syncing a Notebook
7 - Conclusion
  • Course Recap