Project 2007 - Advanced

2 Hours, 26 Minutes
Delivery Method
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This course covers the features within Microsoft Project 2007 that every project manager needs to know. This includes setting Advanced Task settings, entering Overtime work, and selecting the Cost Rate Table. After this course, you will know how to import a project from a different Microsoft Office application, create your own custom Tables and Views, and then create a custom report to answer questions for management.


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Project 2007 - Advanced
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Course Objectives

    Working with Other Microsoft Applications, Using Lead and Lag Times, Setting Task Information, Setting Advanced Resource Information, Working with Tables, Working with Views, Overtime and Cost Rate Tables, Managing Multiple Projects, Creating Custom Reports


1 - Introduction
  • Introduction
2 - Working with Other Office Applications
  • Preparing the Settings for Import and Export
  • Importing Tasks from Microsoft Excel
  • Exporting Project Data to Microsoft Excel
  • Copying Pictures of a Project
3 - Using Lead and Lag Times
  • Explaining Lag Time
  • Explaining Lead Time
4 - Setting Task Information
  • Using General, Predecessor, and Resource Task Information
  • Working with Advanced Task Information
  • Using Notes and Custom Fields
5 - Setting Advanced Resource Information
  • Working with General Resource Information
  • Understanding Costs
  • Working with Notes and Custom Fields
6 - Working with Tables
  • Explaining Tables
  • Viewing Different Tables
  • Copying an Existing Table
  • Understanding the Organizer
7 - Working with Views
  • Explaining the Views
  • Copying an Existing View
  • Creating Filters
8 - Overtime and Cost Rate Tables
  • Working with Overtime
  • Setting the Cost Rate Table
9 - Managing Multiple Projects
  • Sharing Resources
  • Combining Project Files
  • Linking Tasks Between Projects
10 - Creating Custom Reports
  • Entering the Resource Report Detail
  • Configuring the Page Setup
  • Summary
11 - Conclusion
  • Course Recap