Word 2019 - Advanced

5 Hours, 52 Minutes
Delivery Method
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In this course, students will automate with Microsoft Word 2019 through the use of building blocks, Quick Parts, fields, and Macros. Students will also utilize reference tools such as bookmarks, hyperlinks, cross references, footnotes, endnotes, bibliography tools, sources, and placeholders. Students will also learn techniques to manage long documents through a table of contents, indexing, and captions. Students will also work with Outline View and master documents, Mail Merge, and forms.


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Word 2019 - Advanced
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Course Objectives

    Introduction , Automating Word , Utilizing Reference Tools , Managing Long Documents , Working with the Outline View and Master Documents , Working with Mail Merge , Creating Forms , Conclusion


1 - Introduction
  • Introduction
2 - Automating Word
  • Using Building Blocks and Quick Parts
  • Creating and Inserting Quick Parts or Building Blocks
  • Creating AutoText
  • Deleting a Quick Part or Building Block
  • Creating a Building Block Category
  • Editing Quick Parts or Building Blocks
  • Inserting Metadata Using Field Codes
  • Inserting Document Properties
  • Recording and Working with Macros
  • Creating a Formatting Macro
  • Assigning Macros to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Deleting a Macro
  • Creating a Custom Document Property
  • Inserting Field Codes
  • Inserting a Linked Field
  • Updating Fields
3 - Utilizing Reference Tools
  • Adding and Using Bookmarks
  • Displaying Bookmarks
  • Creating and Working with Hyperlinks
  • Hyperlinking to a Webpage or Email Address
  • Hyperlinking Using Headers and Bookmarks
  • Hyperlinking to Another File
  • Editing a Hyperlink
  • Creating and Inserting a Cross Reference
  • Editing a Cross Reference
  • Inserting a Footnote or Endnote
  • Changing a Reference Mark Style
  • Editing or Moving a Footnote or Endnote
  • Converting and Customizing Footnotes or Endnotes
  • Using Citations and Bibliography Overview
  • Adding a Source
  • Inserting a Placeholder
  • Inserting a Bibliography
4 - Managing Long Documents
  • Creating a Table of Contents from Headings
  • Customizing a Table of Contents
  • Modifying and Updating a Table of Contents
  • Creating an Index
  • Updating an Index
  • Creating an Index Using a Concordance File
  • Inserting and Editing a Caption
  • Generating a Table of Figures
5 - Working with the Outline View and Master Documents
  • Working in Outline View
  • Changing Levels and Views in Outline View
  • Editing in Outline View
  • Moving Text in Outline View
  • Working with Master Documents
  • Inserting Subdocuments into a Master Document
  • Expanding and Collapsing Subdocuments
  • Updating a Master Document
  • Unlinking and Deleting Subdocuments
  • Splitting Subdocuments
  • Merging Subdocuments
  • Creating New Subdocuments
  • Adding a Cover Page to a Master Document
  • Controlling Page Numbers on a Master Document
  • Creating a Table of Contents and Index for a Master Document
  • Printing a Master Document
6 - Working with Mail Merge
  • Understanding Mail Merge
  • Setting up a Recipient List in Excel
  • Setting up a Recipient List Using Outlook Contacts
  • Creating a Recipient List
  • Sorting and Filtering Recipient Lists
  • Adding Merge Fields
  • Completing a Merge
  • Preparing Mailing Labels
  • Configuring Envelopes
  • Creating Merge Rules
  • Using Match Field
7 - Creating Forms
  • Creating Forms
  • Adding Field Labels and Controls
  • Editing Text or Content Controls
  • Locking Content Controls and Protecting a Form
  • Entering Data in a Form
8 - Conclusion
  • Course Recap