American Sign Language for Business Beginner

45 Minutes
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This course is designed to teach students about basic business terms and vocabulary within American Sign Language (ASL). Learners will review the basics of ASL including the alphabet, numbers, basic sentence structure, telling time, and facial expressions. Additionally, learners will expand their vocabulary with basic business related terminology and expressions such as handshapes, greetings and salutations, common technology and office terms, and more. After completing this course, learners should have a basic understanding of ASL in relation to business and be able to communicate in rudimentary terms with deaf co-workers.


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American Sign Language for Business Beginner
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Course Objectives

    Introduction , Reviewing the Basics , Getting to Know You , Follow Me , Getting Down to Business , Lets Get Paid , Lets Talk , Conclusion


1 - Introduction
2 - Reviewing the Basics
3 - Getting to Know You
4 - Follow Me
5 - Getting Down to Business
6 - Lets Get Paid
7 - Lets Talk
8 - Conclusion